Tuck Chiropractic

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With numerous trusted providers and a variety of locations, I am happy to refer patients for chiropractic care at Tuck Chiropractic clinics.


Mindful Massage & Yoga

Sara Yun, LMT - Christiansburg

Mindful Massage & Yoga was home to Cultivate Wellness' 2nd location, and is a wonderful resource for patients to receive a quality massage. Sara Yun is a caring and attentive LMT who is always growing and expanding her offerings. 


Roanoke Yoga

Erica Austin - Roanoke

Erica Austin is a brilliant yoga instructor offering classes and personal training in Roanoke to experienced and beginner yogis alike. It has been an absolute pleasure to offer classes such as "Acu-Yoga" with her. 

Perfect Smile

Complete Dental Care

Dr. Caroline Wallace, DDS - Salem

Complete Dental Care is a quality dental office led by Dr. Caroline Wallace. She is an active member of the community and a major proponent of wellness, I highly recommend her.


AgenaCare House Calls

Whitney Pugh, FNP

Agena Care is who I trust for mobile urgent care and phlebotomy services in Roanoke and surrounding areas. Whitney and her staff are compassionate, dedicated, and trustworthy. 


FiftyCentLove Photographie

Debbie Smith - Christiansburg

Wellness does not stop with how you move and what is on your plate. How you feel about yourself can feel like the final frontier. I adore Debbie's commitment to helping women see the beauty they possess, and am so grateful for her help with the photos on this site!

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